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What does NPA mean?

Stands for 'Non Peroxide Activity'. We use this because this is the terminology that is actually used on the lab certificates of analysis we obtain to rate each jar of honey. NPA isn’t a registered trade mark which means Green Bay does not pay marketing royalties for the use of industry trade marks - the cost of which is then passed to the consumer.

Genuine Manuka Honey is tested and rated for its antibacterial potency. Green Bay Harvest obtains a lab certificate for all its Manuka Honey. The lab certificate actually uses the scientific and generic (i.e. non-commercialised) terms ‘Peroxide Activity’ and ‘Non Peroxide Activity’ which is why Green Bay Harvest use the exact same terminology. Green Bay uses only the NPA score to rate its honey. The UMF® rating and all the other trade marked terms use the same (NPA) Non Peroxide Activity score of the honey from the lab certificate.

It is generally accepted that Manuka Honey with a UMF® or NPA rating of 10 or higher is appropriate for therapeutic use. The higher the UMF® (i.e. the NPA rating), the higher the antibacterial activity although there is an upper limit - typically about 15+  to the naturally occurring activity level of the honey when it is harvested fresh from the hive.

Can you trust the rating?

We are family business, and as owners we work directly in the business. We keep bees ourselves. We have an office and warehouse in Christchurch, New Zealand where all our buying is centralised with a long standing network of bee keepers and lab technicians whom we know personally and trust. All our Manuka Honey can be traced back to a lab certificate which has been issued by an ISO 9001 certified laboratory.

Why NPA is so important?

Research about the therapeutic benefits of Manuka Honey is based on the presence of NPA (Non Peroxide Activity) i.e. compounds in the honey that are bio-active and are attributable to the unique floral source of the honey - the Manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium)  which is unique to New Zealand and commonly known as the Tea Tree.  

The rating and the lab tests that support it specifically exclude the Peroxide Activity, as to a great or lesser degree all honeys naturally contain Peroxide Activity.












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