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Manuka Honey Uses - Popular tried & tested 






How It All Began.

We are a small family firm all of whom have a passion for food and its intrinsic goodness. Every food or range we sell is personally tested and tasted to ensure traceability, excellence and al-round quality. I hope you are encouraged to try our ranges and taste and feel the difference.

I founded Green Bay Harvest as I was  increasingly uneasy about the provenance and production processes of a lot of the foods I was feeding my family.  

The papers were full of health scares and advertising claims are often suspect when looked at closely.

I was convinced that there were other people who cared as much and Green Bay Harvest was born. 

We are a small family business all of whom have a passion for food and its intrinsic goodness. Every food or range we sell is tested, tasted and checked throughout its lifecycle to ensure traceability, excellence and taste.

Our Specialist Ranges

We believe it important to really get to know our farmers and bee keepers.  We meet them all and have processes in place to ensure the highest quality standards. 

Not least of these are our family taste testing sessions.  Our children, six in total, have a great deal to say. 


Manuka Honey and Manuka Honey Lozenges

Manuka Honey is where we started and is still the largest part of our range.  Manuka Honey has proved itself in medical trials and has a host of anecdotal benefits. You only have to search Google to see what people think of this natrual product.  Always remember to check the rating (that's the number on the honey label jar) of any honey you are considering. - and understand what that number means. 

Manuka Honey lozenges for a soothing natural feeling in five delicious flavours.  You won't find processed sugar, corn sugar or rice syrup in our lozenges!   Read More »






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