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15 Reasons to Use Manuka Honey

Recent studies have shown that Manuka Honey contains extremely powerful healing properties- even more so than antibiotics in some cases. To date, there has been no types of bacteria that have shown a resistance to it.   

Manuka Honey destroys bacteria in a different manner in which antibiotics do by drawing water out of the bacteria, making it impossible for the bacteria to survive.  As a result, wound dressings containing Manuka Honey have been successful in treating life-threatening infections involving hard-to-kill bacteria such as MRSA.  

1.  Manuka Honey has no known side effects; 

2.  Manuka Honey has natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties; 

3.  Manuka Honey creates a moist healing environment that allows new skin cells to grow across a healing wound flush with the surface of the wound, preventing deformity of the skin and scaring; 

4.  Manuka Honey rapidly clears infection by destroying bacteria; 

5.  Manuka Honey repairs damaged skin and regenerates new skin growth; 

6.  Manuka Honey hastens the healing process; 

7.  Manuka Honey eliminates malodor by destroying the bacteria that cause it; 

8.  Manuka Honey can heal Staph infections and destroy antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria such as MRSA and VRE; 

9.  The viscosity of Manuka Honey provides a protective barrier to prevent wounds from becoming infected; 

10.  Manuka Honey causes scabs and dead skin cells to lift off the surface of the wound, leaving a clean healthy wound bed in which re-growth of tissue can occur; 

11.  Manuka Honey stimulates the growth of tissue involved in the healing process; 

12.  Manuka Honey stimulates the formation of new blood capillaries and the growth of fibroblasts that replace the connective tissue of the deeper layer of the skin and produce the collagen fibers that give strength to the repair; 

13.  Manuka Honey has an anti-inflammatory action that relieves pain; 

14.  Manuka Honey has antifungal properties that cure ringworm and other fungal conditions; 

15.  Manuka Honey is all-natural!

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