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Jo's Bee Hive

Jo Glass, founder of Green Bay shares some thoughts about her backyard hive.

The Toast of the Nationhive.JPG

By now you will probably be aware that honey is now the number one spread for morning toast throughout the UK and that as a species the honeybee has come under intense scrutiny over the last few years for a number of different reasons - and not just because we are worried about our honey supplies drying up.

In common with some scientists, we see bees as being an indicator species that are showing increasing vulnerability to the ravages of modern living - toxins, stress, the demise of the natural environment (in common with our own species, perhaps). So the advent of honey week offers an opportunity to think about the life of the bee and what we can do to play our part in reversing this decline - we may even learn something useful for our own lives along the way.

Our Very Own Bees...

hive1.JPGIn our own garden we have noticed a decline in the numbers of honey bees especially since our closest neighbour beekeeper died a few years ago so this year we have asked a friend to locate a hive in our garden and started training our three year old to be sympathetic to the plight of our noisy furry friends instead of running to the other end of the garden!

Now with a frame of drone bees and eggs in situ we are awaiting the development of a queen and the establishing of a colony that will produce some honey before the end of the summer - very exciting. Meanwhile, our beekeeper friend's other bee colonies are producing lots of honey with the flowering of spring flowers in the warm weather. It is a point of discussion how we will keep our hive organic as this is not usually practiced in the UK where the verroa mite is so well established and especially for a vulnerable budding new colony. We will keep you posted with our progress...

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