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Manuka Honey Lozenges: Our Holiday Essential

Travel.JPGWhen travelling abroad this summer there are certain essentials you must carry in your hand-luggage likeyour passport and tickets, but now there is something else to remember – our lozenges.

The world's first Manuka honey lozenges, made with organic honey and no additives or stabilizers, they provide a highly convenient way of benefiting from all the goodness of one of nature’s best healing foods without having to take a jar of sticky manuka honey with you. Unlike a jar of honey you can carry Green Bay Manuka lozenges through airport security in your hand luggage! Even better, they taste fantastic!

Manuka Honey lozenges are a holiday essential because manuka honey in a lozenge format:

  • is a portable and convenient way to take honey on the go.

  • increases the contact time of honey with a dry or sore throat.

  • helps to create a barrier to prevent you sharing your fellow traveller’s germs that will be circulating around the aeroplane on your holiday flights.

  • prevents your throat and mouth from drying up in the air-conditioned environment of the cabin or hotel room.

  • facilitates good digestion and aids the relief of digestive troubles and tummy upsets that can occur when eating unfamiliar food or being in foreign environments.

  • is made from pure honey with no added sugar  - so are a healthy and soothing treat for calming children and adults alike when travel becomes a little stressful.

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