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Diva Demands!

Posted on 6th Apr 2010 @ 4:26 AM

lady-gaga22.jpgIt has become apparent that some celebrities are becoming wise to the wellness benefits of Manuka Honey. Instead of alcohol or extravagant demands, Lady Gaga is actually quite normal compared to some diva demands. Aside from asking for a feast of roast chicken, a plate of cheese, ginger ale salsa dips and wholemeal bread to snack on before and after her gigs, she also requests a pot of honey, which is known to combat stomach ulcers and sore throats.

Alexandra Burke is another star to follow in her footsteps as she demands a jar of Manuka honey before all her shows for similar health and well being reasons. This seems to be more sensible than Mariah Carey who lives up to her diva reputation by demanding £750-a-bottle Cristal champagne and Evian water before every gig..!