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Injured Penguin Treated with Manuka Honey

Posted on 16th Mar 2010 @ 4:47 AM

yellow_pingu.JPGIt’s not just humans who can reap the benefits of Manuka Honey as shown by an endangered yellow-eyed penguin who had  suffered a severe leg injury after being bitten by a barracuda. He has since been released to his nest on Penguin beach on Otago Peninsula. 

The survival of adult breeding yellow-eyed penguins is very important so luckily the treatment at the nearby penguin hospital at Penguin Place worked well. 

The wound was treated with manuka honey cream and the penguin was kept in a small pen to give it time to heal.

Because other penguins treated with heavy doses of antibiotics had problems with their new feathers coming through during molting, staff had delayed the dose for this penguin, instead letting the antibacterial properties of the honey do the work.

"It's healed really well. It's amazing.

"You can barely tell."