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About Green Bay Harvest

Green Bay Harvest is a family owned and operated business.  The family connection is between two Kiwi brothers, John and Greg Glass, who lived on opposite sides of the globe.

The Glass family connection with Canada goes back to the 1930’s when the brothers grandfather was farming as a 14 year old in Moosejaw, Regina. His vivid stories of the beautiful land, wide open spaces and the freedom and opportunity Canada offered meant Canada was always a place to which the Glass’s wanted to return.


Greg, Jo with their children Ben, Tessa, Thaddeus and Arianne  John and Maria in NZ with daughters Sophie and Phoebe


  • In Canada -

Over and above the family connection it was when we began to get requests from Canada that we realised that Canada was a place that valued good food that was not over processed and packaged.


We became members of the Canadian Health Food Association and started attending the CHFA annual trade shows in Vancouver and Toronto which lead to listings at leading health food stores, pharmacies, grocery stores in the independent sector.


  • In New Zealand -

John (NZ) runs the office in scenic Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand. He spends his time working with hand-picked bee-keepers, organic farmers and kelp divers to ensure the best possible quality food ends up in our products and on your plate.

You could argue he has the best job in the world if you like the pictures he took on a recent journey around the South Island to look at the harvest and meet with growers.

Maria (NZ) is a talented communicator who has worked for household names in the advertising industry in Christchurch in London. She helps us to gather up the wonderful stories about Green Bay Harvest products and present them in an interesting manner.

She manages to combine her Green Bay Harvest commitments with running a busy and happy family with John and Maria's daughters, Sophie and Phoebe.


  • In the UK -

Jo (UK) is a life-long, but refreshingly non-patronizing, example of healthy eating and sustainable, conscious living (although we have observed that she does occasionally succumb to the siren call of really good chocolate - organic and fairly traded of course!)

It is Jo's conversations with our customers and suppliers rather than an accountant's spreadsheet that leads Green Bay Harvest towards new and exciting projects and products.

Together they are responsible for growing the business in a sustainable way by offering more people more choices to eat real food.






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