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 Raw and Single Estate Honey


Raw Honey

Raw honey means unpasteurised honey that is heated only to 37ºC - lower than the Soil Association's guideline temperature of 50ºC.  This is well below the 80ºC of many commercial brands.

The advantages of extra Propolis in raw honey

This wonderful resinous substance is used by bees to sterilise the hive and to inhibit the spread of bacteria, viruses or fungi. It appears to help stimulate the human immune system and has been used to resolve chronic conditions such as acne and ulcers.

Used during both world wars to prevent infection and promote wound healing, a Kiev study also found propolis to be effective against sore throats and dry coughs in 90 per cent of cases.

The Bee pollen in raw honey

Believed to have many nutrients essential for good health, pollen contains B vitamins for energy, vitamin C for immune support and antibody formation, as well as a wide range of minerals.

Research emerging from the Ukraine suggests that pollen can help ease the digestive disorders many people with rheumatoid arthritis experience. Pollen extracts have also been used to desensitize allergy sufferers to the allergens which trigger their condition.

Single estate honey


Our raw honey is sourced from a small group of apiarists in the south island of New Zealand who are committed to producing high quality honey. At a time when there is concern over the diminishing bee population, we are proud to work with such careful and considerate experts.

We know all of our suppliers personally - we can name the person who supplied each jar-full - and this close relationship works well for us.

Our apiarists are always keen to talk through the details with us, helping us find the best batches, and as a result our customers can trace their honey back to the hive.






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