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Below are some of the nice things our customers in England have written about us or our products.


Spread the word


I really believe that if more people hear about the 'miracle' of Manuka Honey we will be doing them a great favour. I bought your Manuka Honey lozenges... I feel these will help me because I have Sjogren's syndrome (no saliva and no tears) I will let you know if I have as good a result from these as I had eating Manuka Honey on my sciatica.

C Turner


Prompt delivery


Very many thanks. I think you were a little pessimistic about delivery [3-5 days] it arrived on the 4th [2 days], brilliant!

Tricia W


Manuka Honey is a miracle


Then I read about the benefits of Manuka Honey and even though I hated honey anything was worth a try. So I had a tablespoon of Manujka honey warmed up every morning on a Bran loaf I make. It took a few weeks to show effect but I have no pain now do not need pain killers and can walk one foot in front of the other without any pain, I still cannot believe it. For me Manuka Honey is a miracle



Enjoying website and newsletter


I hope you don't mind me writing to you. I just want to thank you for your newsletter and your marvellous website.

Owen B


Enjoying a winter hamper


Dear Jo, Just to say that I loved your hampers which are perfect for getting the body back on track. I attempted to have a huge cold caught from my husband but it barely lasted two days! We are also snowed in at the moment and have run out of alot of food including greens, so I am sprinkling the Green Barley Leaf powder on some meals!

Patricia K


The best I had ever tasted


I received my Greek Honey just before Christmas and promptly started on the 'White Honey' which was absolutely delicious. I am in the habit of trying honey of different types from different regions when purchasing from the supermarked but I can honestly say that this was the best I had ever tasted.

Jean B


Healthy year to come ...


I like to think your products will help me have a healthy 2010.

Sue W


Enjoying Greek Honeys


I am very much enjoying the three greek honeys, so is my dear hubby, who had a massive stroke four years ago and is recovering, thanks to good nutrition and good homoeopathy!

Libby A


Speedy Service


Thank you very much for speedily sending me my order for the three pots of Raw Honey. These came this morning. No problems at all. All safely delivered in their secure and strong box. I shall look forward to tasting them. All the best in your work.

Valerie B


Great Service


Thanks you guys - great service.



Greek Honey


Thank You. My Greek Honey arrived safely today, as you said it would. Very well packaged - I compliment you all at Green Bay Harvest

Ann S


My compliments for a job well done


I received a call today from a representative of your company about an order I had failed to complete on-line. it was a sharp piece of work and, when I explained that I had changed my mind, the woman with whom I was speaking was most professional. As a result, I changed my mind again and confirmed my order. Thank you for a professional response (and a good sales technique). If the product is as good as your people, I look forward to receiving the honey.Please pass on my compliments for a job well done.

Malcolm H


A boost to my wellbeing...


I first read about your Honey Lozenges in Easy Living Magazine and have since been buying them in Waitrose. I have not had a sore throat but I take them for general well-being and I find they have really made a difference. They are also very pleasant.

Cynthia Shilling


People comment on my healthy glow!


I started taking the Green Wheat powder in April. Almost immediately I felt a change. My energy levels were up and I didn't have to drag myself out of bed in the morning. I also feel more healthy and many people have commented on how healthy I look.

Hersel Romney




I immediately felt a difference when I started taking the Green Wheat powder. Whereas I used to have to drag myself out of bed, I now feel more energised. I feel more healthy and people tell me that I look more healthy.

Hersel Romney


Yummy Weight Loss!


I find it quite tasty. Since I have been taking it I have definitely noticed some weight loss. This I appreciate as a Pensioner who enjoys finding products that make life a little more comfortable.

David Smart


Speedy Service!


I would like to say what fantastic service your company gives. Product arrived so quickly and well packaged. I will definitely buy from you again. I will spread the word.

Joy Cross


Honey lozenges easy


Honey lozenges are probably as effective (as the liquid honey), if not more so, because of the ease of application.

Barbara Cox, Nutrichef


No sore throat, no swollen glands


Once every three years I get ill, always with laryngitis. Normally I need to take two days off work. This time I had no sore throat, no swollen glands. I put it down to taking Honey lozenges - definitely.

Barbara Cox, Nutrichef




Just to let you know that the lozenges arrived on Saturday and they are Brilliant! I'm off to badger my local health food shop to stock them. I'm going to start feeding them to my father, also - he has diabetes and currently sucks glucose tablets.





Since giving my son a tea spoon of Manuka honey every day he has not suffered with any attacks, I have now cut his inhalers down, when the weather changed he used to get very chesty but not any more.

amanda america


No flu


I usually pick up cold viruses, but have had none at all this year. My family all had flu-type symptoms and I didn't!

Penny Norley


Leg ulcer


I had a leg ulcer for four months that wasn't healing; after four weeks of taking honey it is starting to heal. I take about 1 jar a week, added to green tea.

Linda Boothby


Cure for indigestion and heartburn


After taking antibiotics for stomach bacteria (which didn't work and had unpleasant side effects), I've been taking a teaspoonful of Active Manuka Honey on bread before meals. After 2-3 months my indigestion and heartburn have near enough disappered.

Penny Norley


Honey with Zing


Green Bay Manuka Honey makes our yoghurt drinks sing!

J Fisher


Chat Attack


I had a throat infection and was losing my voice whilst at a trade-show. I took 2 packs of your Manuka Honey lozenges over 36 hours and my voice recovered. Amazing!

S James


Thank you


Thank you so much for your excellent service. Manuka honey received safely this morning in record time, very best regards.s.

jenny remeika


No more indigestion tablets


The main advantage is the digestion: I haven't had an indigestion tablet since I started using Apple Cider Vinegar where usually I would take one at least every other day.

Michael Dyson




My chiropractor recommended Green Barley Leaf for detoxing as I do quite a lot of exercise and my joints are quite stiff. At 48 I sometimes suffer from bloating, but have found that when I take Green Barley leaf, I don't suffer reactions to food.

Anna Snow




I had a leg ulcer for four months that wasn't healing; after four weeks of taking honey it is starting to heal. I take about 1 jar a week, added to green tea.

Linda Boothby






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