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Green Bay Harvest: Manuka Honey Lozenges Red Superfruits

Manuka Honey blended with red fruit flavours of cherry, acacia and cranberry extracts.

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(6 product reviews)

These fruity Red Superfruits Manuka Honey’ lozenges are made from 78% Manuka Honey blended with tasty cherries and cranberries for added zing.

  • The Manuka Honey Lozenges are made from Manuka Honey from New Zealand
  • Great value - Green Bay's lozenges contain up to 20 times more Manuka Honey that other lozenges! Why pay for corn sugar and rice syrup?
  • Green Bay Harvest Manuka Lozenges contain NO corn sugar, NO rice syrup
  • Available in four delicious flavours:  Blackcurrant, Lemon, Red Superfruits and Original.
  • Handy and portable for people on the go: Ideal format to carry with you throughout the day.
  • Green Bay is a family-owned company with family values selling a genuine Honey Lozenge
  • GMO free
  • Made in New Zealand

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Product Reviews

  1. Soothing!

    Posted by Ashyana Rosetti

    I absolutely love the manuka lozenges - very effective in soothing the throat when it feels tired, or strained. I can't go without them!!!

  2. Indigestion Relief

    Posted by Anne S

    I’m pregnant with my fourth baby and have been taking them to alleviate mild daytime indigestion. One or two a day for the past three to four weeks have been helpful: It’s been a very nice aid to digestion after a meal. I am also really interested in food-based remedies rather than chemical-based supplements and I found the They appealed particularly for giving to children when they have coughs.

  3. Chat Attack!

    Posted by S James

    I had a throat infection and was losing my voice whilst at a trade-show. I took 2 packs of over 36 hours and my voice recovered. Amazing!

  4. Fantastic!

    Posted by Fi

    Just to let you know that the lozenges arrived on Saturday and they are Brilliant! I'm off to badger my local health food shop to stock them. I'm going to start feeding them to my father, also - he has diabetes and currently sucks glucose tablets.

  5. Easy

    Posted by Barbara Cox, Nutrichef

    The lozenges are probably as effective (as the liquid honey), if not more so, because of the ease of application.

  6. A boost to my wellbeing...

    Posted by Cynthia Shilling

    I first read about your lozenges in Easy Living Magazine and have since been buying them in Waitrose. I have not had a sore throat but I take them for general well-being and I find they have really made a difference. They are also very pleasant.

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